Buy Instagram Comments

FAQs  “Buy Instagram Comments”.

Is it safe to buy instagram comments?

Yes , buying instagram followers or buying instagram comments is totally safe. When you performed an illegal active on your instagram account then instagram banned you. One more thing many of our competitors providing instagram services at cheap rates. Actually they provides you comments from bot account if instagram algorithm detected your  this activity you will absolutely get banned.but here we provides comments to our customers from high quality profiles. Therefore you have 0% chance to get banned.

What is Delivery time for order?

Delivery for your Instagram comments order starts within few seconds. You will get your orders in few minutes. But it takes 24hrs to start when our system is busy or overloaded due to lot of orders. Therefore allow us for 24hrs to complete your order.

Can I buy custom comments?

Yes,  you can buy custom Instagram comments. You can get comments according to your needs. Please mention the list of your comments in order note whenever you buy custom comments. Remaining process is same as Random Instagram comments is provided.

Can I spread the comments among different post?

Yes, you can spread your buying comments among your different post. You can spread these comments in maximum five posts. The process is very simple mention the post of links in order note box where you want to divide comments.